CD Update

I went into the studio this weekend to record more tracks. Actually, half the time was spent directing horns. I added sax and trumpet to one of my song. Two talented young musicians from my church folk group were kind enough to play for me. I was looking for a really big horn sound along the vein of The Who's 515. And boy did I get it. It's great what you can do with two horns and overdubbing tracks. They were pretty impessed with the results of their work. And so was I.

On the negative side, I spend the next two hours after recording horns trying to record a drum track on a different song. It was difficult going for some reason. After my third or fourth attempt to record a bass drum track and being off by a fraction of a beat (enough to make it sound horrible) it finally dawned on me that the song didn't need drums. On a gut feeling, I had my engineer Brian put some keyboards in instead with a string kind of sound. It was perfect. So after almost 3 hours of time recording a bass track (on a different day) and a drum track, I'm scrapping both, re-recording the bass track to make it more simple, and Brian is working on the keyboard track. I fell back on the most basic rule of music, less is more. I was trying to make the song far too complicated. It started out as an acoustic guitar piece and it really doesn't need all the extra "band" stuff. But, that's how it goes sometimes.

I've got to put drums on one more song and then I can get back to being a guitar player and start putting down leads for the songs. Of course, I now have to come up with some leads for the songs so they sound thought out instead of me jamming and making shit up as I go. That's going to be the plan for a couple of songs but it would be nice if they all didn't sound like the same lead in different keys.

On the home front, I think the little lady is coming down with a sinus infection type of thing (more accurately, she thinks she's coming down with it). She's been real tired the last couple of days. I'm trying to let her rest as much as possible. She drives herself a little hard in trying to get everything done on a daily basis. She's not doing that Supermom thing but it's a lot of work having a full time job, keeping a house up, raising two boys, and caring for 3 boys. A quick cute story. I told the boys to go easy on my wife during the bed time routine since she was tired. My younger son gave my wife his stuffed bear and his seal puppet to lay down with in her chair so she wouldn't be lonely. He's sweet like that.

I'm thinking of starting up a website to promote the CD. I have to look around for a good free website that will allow posting of a decent number of pictures and music clips. If I find something and get it running, I'll let everyone know. I'll put up some music clips of the work in progress (at least the clips where my singing is half way decent). I would then potentially use the site to sell the music. My current intention is that if I do sell copies, all proceeds will go back to my church. This project isn't about me making money. It's about me giving back to the Lord and my community.


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