Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Work Update


Relatively quick update on how the big work meeting went.

We went to Turning Stone Casino (one of the Indian Reservation places) for the big manager meeting where the new IT department organizational structure was going to be revealed. I went with much trepidation. However, when the big unveiling came, I was underwhelmed. The department is going to be organized into some new areas, but it all makes sense. I had anticipated some names being plugged in, but they weren't. On the plus side, we where asked to suggest names to put in those positions, which report directly to the CIO. Guess who I thought should be responsible for Customer Service? Anyone?

I did think about that a lot on the trip back to Rochester. We rented a van and I got to just ride, which was conducive to Deep Thoughts. If I haven't made this plain here yet, I'm an ambitious little cuss. Not cutthroat kind of ambisious, but quietly so. Like kick butt and take names and make sure the right people know who I am, but not obnoxiously so. But when something comes up and I throw my hat in for it, my skilz are recognized right away. And I really want one of these positions.

But I have to be careful with that. First of all, I don't want to be totally disappointed if I don't get one of them. But also, I've found that if I try to hard to follow my own way, it will not work out. The Lord has blessed me with many things, but only when I let go of my own desires. I was struggling with this a litte, and decided to just read my Bible. I'd intended to read from Luke, but when I opened my bible and started reading, I realized I'd opened to Matthew instead, specifically chapter 6. Two things struck me. Verse 8: Do not be like them. Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him. And Verses 25-34 (Matthew 6:25 sound familiar to anyone? As in a song title perhaps?). It talks about "Birds of the sky are always fed, behold the splendor of the field, you are so much more than they, trust God to give you everything you need" (copyrighted, btw).

So I'll put my faith and trust in Him. If I'm to be one of those "guys", then I will be.

There was one major downer on the day. Very shortly after lunch, I started feeling really nausceous. Like, I was incredibly surprised I didn't lose my lunch. It took a few hours for it to settle down. I even had to walk out on my boss as he was giving a presentation of the project I was working on, which made him think I was pissed at him or something. As it turns out, I wasn't the only one that got sick. One of my co-supervisors lost his lunch on the ride home (luckily he was in the other van). We think they served some bad deli meat. Today I feel much better but for a while there I was totally miserable.

We should have some final answers on the new management team in a few weeks. So stay tuned!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend updates

Not a lot going on here. Thought I would updated on a few things.

This past week was my dad's 65th birthday. We had a party for him yesterday at my cousin's resteraunt. He's got a great Italian place. True to my heritage, I will first speak of the food, which was quite good. We had the 5 course meal, with appetizer, soup, salad, main course, and dessert. The appetizer was probably the best of all. It had a few marinated mozzarella balls, proscuitto and swiss cheese with some olive oil, and fried artichoke hearts. I could have had just that for my meal and be happy.

My aunt and uncle came out from Rhode Island for the occasion, which is nice. It was quite the party. I gave a short toast to my old man than my mom was quite proud of. Even the boys had a pretty good time. They liked hanging with their cousins.

On the music front, we have a new member of the band. It took some time before everyone understood his relationship to me, which was none. His mother is dating my cousin (the one who's wife died 3 years ago). Everyone thought he was my cousin or something, when in fact there was no relation at all. He did really well for never having heard any of the songs and not being used to reading music. The girls in the band thought he was hot. Our bass player was not there but they later assured him the he would find him hot as well.

Speaking of our bass player, things are going much better. His parents talked to a priest at a different parish and came home from the meeting much more understanding. He doesn't know what they talked about, but whatever it was totally changed them. Both he and his dad spoke in church today about how they use thier talents to serve the Lord. They were very comfortable together so I think acceptance is coming.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Turning Stone Casino for a big work meeting. Our new CIO is going to reoganize the IT departments. He told senior staff that our organization in Schenectady is broken (his words) and that the new organization would look more like Rochester. However, he did also say that people in Rochester would be reporting to people in Schenectady. Tomorrow the "master plan" gets presented. It should be interesting. I've heard absolutely no rumors whatsoever about how the new organization is going to look, so we're all wondering what's going to happen. One thing is for sure, I don't think there's going to be a lot of gambling going on. Stay tuned.

Just one final note reminder that I've got the hottest wife around. I don't believe I've mentioned it to her here recently, so I thought I'd remind her. Baby, you are smoking! All the other guys out there wish they were me. Sucks to be them! Love you hon!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cause I'm a Scout Now....

What a wild weekend. Filled with kids activities and church activities. Which is good considering all the crap I'm going through at work right now. It was nice not to think about it at all for a few days.

Yesterday was the big day. The Blue and Gold Dinner. Arrow of Light. Crossover.

Last night was the annual Blue and Gold dinner for Maverick's Cub Scout pack. His last. We had a nice dinner and moved on to the ceremonies. The first was one the Wife came up with to honor the den leader. All the kids made an "award" to give him as a token of thier appreciation. He was quite touched and almost cried when one of the scouts handed him a picture signed by the whole den to hang on his wall. We also gave him a gift card from the parents and he recieved a nice clock from the pack saying "only 1 hour per week", which is the amount of time they SAY it takes to run a den. Sucker.

Next we moved to the Arrow of Light ceremony. This is the highest rank a cub scout can achieve and is the only cub scout acheivement that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform. And our boy earned it. It was a touching ceremony. The Wife stood behind him and pinned on his Arrow of Light patch. Then there was a nice candle lighting ceremony. Also, the kids were given a "survival kit" with things in it to remind them about things in life. Like a pencil to write down their blessings every day. Here's Maverick being very proud of his acheivement:

After that was the crossover ceremony to Boy Scouts. They moved a clothes pin with their names on them on a board from the rank of Webelos II to Arrow of Light. Then the walked over the bridge we use for crossover. Then they got their "colors" from the troop they'll be going in to. The Wife thought she was going to ball her eyes out, but she held it together pretty good. I saw some moisture in there, but it never leaked out down her face. She's a proud mama of a Boy Scout. Who'd have thought?

I'll leave you with two more pictures: Maverick with his new colors, and then a group shot of the new Boy Scouts:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The time grows short

Today was Maverick's last den meeting as a Cub Scout. His Blue and Gold Dinner is Saturday when he'll cross over into Boy Scouts. The den leader put up a powerpoint presentation with pictures from the very beginning. It really hit home that these kids started together over 5 years ago. How the time flies. We had a pizza party and afterwards, the den leader had a special surprise he'd been sitting on since September and managed to keep a secret from everyone, including his kid.

He brought all the scouts up, said some nice words, then lifted a blanket to uncover walking sticks he'd made for each boy. He'd burned each scout's last name into them, polyurethaned them, and put a cub scout symbol on the stick. The walking sticks were to help them on their journey's beyond Cub Scouts. At the end he was choking up a little, it was so awesome. Maverick loves his walking stick since he's been asking for one for like a year. Saturday I believe will result in many women weeping. Pictures will be posted.

When the fuck did Maverick start growing up? And how come he didn't clear it with the Wife and I first?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

In Memoriam

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the death of my cousin, Sharon. She is was 52 and is still missed very much by us all.


Sun’s up, day begins
All seems as it’s ever been
Phone call from the blue
Says you’re gone it can’t be true

I’m coming home
I’ve been away so long
I’m coming home
Back to Your loving arms

Taken from us much too soon
Tragic loss an open wound
Disbelief to dismay
Don’t know what to think or say


Don’t weep, please don’t cry
I’ve found peace in loving arms
No more sorrow, no more pain
Only love that never ends


Tuesday, March 06, 2007


A few weeks back, the piano player in the band made what seemed like an inocuous comment to me. I'd brought a new song to the band and it was a mellower song. So she said I don't write and rock songs. So the gauntlet was thrown down. It's been in the back of my mind for a while now. Lately, however, I've been on a guitar kick. Just been wanting to sit down and play.

The other day I broke out my Rockman, which I haven't used in a while. I start playing around trying to write a rock song. Of course, that seldom works. Once I'd farted around a while and hated everything I did, I just relaxed and started playing. And suddenly a very groovey riff came out. Which I loved. Our drummer thought it was totally cool. So we're going to start working that one out.

Tonight I sat down, still motivated, and started just playing. And now I have the beginnings to TWO rock songs! So I think I'll be spending a while working on the songs so that I not only remember the riffs, but maybe get some lyrics too.

Off I go to rock some more!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Is it just me?

This week is going to be ultra-crazy. Way too much stuff going on, both at work and at home. So I leave this for you to ponder:

Both the Wife and I have issues with two ad campaigns on TV. Well, more than just two, but these annoy us the most (the first more her, the second more me).

Have you seen those Boniva commercials? Sally Field gets on the TV and says how much trouble it is for her friend to remember to take one pill once a week. What is her solution? Take one pill once a month! That's so much easier, right? But, if I can't remember to bother to take a pill once a week, then how the hell will I remember to take it once a month? And why is it so hard to take a pill once a week? I mean, I take medication for cholesterol daily. I can manage that. Shit, once a week would be sweet. And how about those people that have to take multiple pills every day on different schedules? This commercial smacks of rich person disease. It's almost insulting.

The second one is those Cialis ads. Ok, forget boner pills in and of itself for a second. I get the whole thing where you and the lady are about to get it on and the grandkids show up. Sure, you need to wait until later. (Of course, the commercial would be much funnier if the grandkids showed up while they're in the middle of getting in on. Imagine grandma coming downstairs with her hair all messed up and her skirt on backwards.) Anyway, the thing that annoys me is at the end. The couple always goes off somewhere the won't be interrupted and end up in seperate bathtubs conveniently located in the middle of nowhere. What the hell is the deal with that? I never get it. First of all, who would leave a pair of footed bathtubs out in the open like that? Then what person in their right mind would get nekkid and actually use it? Not to mention, if the whole point of the medication is to get it up, what the hell is so romantic about sitting in seperate bathtubs? Wouldn't one big bathtub for two make much more sense? And would you want to get it on in a bathtub out in the open like that?

As I said, is it just me? Feel free to chime in.