Friday, February 19, 2010

Where you been?

Did you miss me?

It's tough to blog when you don't have the energy to get on the internet. By the time I get any me time, I'm too tired. I'm too lazy to even go on Facebook, and that's easier than blogging.

Life is relatively normal at the Case de Franco. Mostly stuff related to the kids going on. We're very proud of Grasshopper. He got a perfect score at solofest for his instrument and made 1st chair in the all county band. That means he's the best euphonium player in the county grades 4-6. Not too shabby! Christopher did well on his jazz solo (a 94!) but the competition is really stiff for county jazz band so he didn't make the cut. But he still kicked ass so we were rightfully proud of him as well. He's also been a wrestling fool the last couple of months. The season's over but he has some tournaments coming up.

Ellen and I have begun working out together. Our school district has a kick ass gym (about a year old) at the high school and it's free for district residents to use (after paying $15 for a one time orientation). She's not comfortable with the equipment yet so we go together. I like getting an hour of her time uninterrupted by the kids. Give her a few months and she'll be even sexier than she is now.

Beyond that, everything's in "normal" mode right now. I'll try to check in with my blog pals from time to time to see how you're doing.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Much to think about

Hold on a sec while I blow a little of the dust off of here. It's been a little while.

After band practice last night (which went great, BTW), I had a nice Facebook chat with one of the band members. I enjoy our converstations since this person is very sprititual. The big concern as some of the dynamics in the band. Not in a good or bad way, but we've got some strong personalities in the band and sometimes that can be overwhelming. In this case, my bandmate was feeling left out and a little pushed around. They're primary talent is singing and with 5 singers in the band right now, it can be hard to get some mike time. We've also made a point to not have so many voices do harmony, so again, someone may be left out.

I share the feeling a little as I used to sing far more than I do now. Some of the songs that were "my" songs are now sung by someone else. However, I always have my instrument and can contribute that way. So we'll need to work at making sure everyone gets a shot. We kicked around the idea of working out some songs together and then bringing them to the band. Which would probably be a good idea since most of the band listens to Christian music stations to get new songs and ideas and I've stopped listening to radio altogether so I don't know what's out there. And the Christian music I listen to is a little heavy for the band.

I think I'm going to work on writing a song for my bandmate. I've been trying to get some new material together so perhaps this is the motivation I need. I'll need to pray on it and see what the Spirit brings me. If I not worry about it too much, the Spirit usually gives me good inspiration

I've also got a meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) with the pastor and music director at our church. One of my other bandmates and I are going to push getting the band involved again in our church music ministry. We've been sort of shut out and we keep hearing from parishoners "we really need the kink of ministry Faith on Fire has to offer for our young people". So we're going to try and get that message across: there's a need for a ministry to our congregation that we're not providing and we need to address it before they decide to go somewhere else. So we'll see how that goes.