Week off

This week is break week for the boys so I've got the whole week off and the wife is only working Monday. No set plans but we want to do a day trip one day. Beyond that, it's a catch up week. I'm trying to get ahead on things so we can have a nice vacation durign April break. Not that I wouldn't go anyway, but it will be nice to have all my major assignments done.

Beyond that, things are pretty much the same. I feel like Dorrie in Finding Nemo. I'm just going to keep on swimming and hopefully I'll get to where I'm supposed to go.


Jammie J. said…
Yep, it's good to keep on swimming. It'd be nice to tread some water now and again, though, wouldn't it? :)
Jude said…
I hope you get more than one day for a nice ride Vince, enjoy your week!

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