Making progress

I know, I committed to blogging more and I barely do. With so much energy going into family and school, I don't have as much time. But I do what I can.

We got the 2nd quarter report cards today for the boys. Nicholas has great grades, as usual. He's been excelling academically and we're very proud of him. Now we need to make sure he doesn't get too big an ego. Wish us luck with that.

Christopher's grades have improved. He struggled in a couple of classes through Christmas, but we think he finally sees how important being organized and turnign in homework is. However, we still can't seem to teach him common sense. Today I got a text from Ellen asking about his glasses. Today was his eye exam and he was wearing glasses from a few years ago with an old prescription. She asked me if we'd gotten him new glasses recently which I thought we had. We both figured they were probably hiding in his room somewhere. Of course, after we got home he finally admits he lost them at school a couple of weeks ago. He put them down during wrestling practice and forgot to get them. And hasn't bother to ask ANYONE at school if they might have been turned in. This along with him losing head gear, swimming trunks, and Lord knows what else. If he was worried about his glasses during practice, I don't know why he didn't just tell the coach to excuse him while he put them in his locker. That didn't even occur to him.

Oh well. If he doesn't find them, he's out the replacement cost. We've taken the position that if he loses something we purchase for him we're not purchasing it again. It can come out of his cash. I guess you win some and you lose some. Grades up but forgetfullness not down.


Jude said…
Hey you're doing VERY well blogging Vince, you blog more than I do!

I like how you and Ellen took the stand not to replace something lost that you already paid for. If someone stole something of his that's different, but this will no doubt teach about responsibility. :-)
sydwynd said…
Jude: kid's got to learn responsibility some how.

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