Not a good day

So, in the interest of a short 5 minute post, today has not been a terribly "up" day. Without getting into too much detail:

Spoke to my boss yesterday and he indicated avenues of advancement for me in the department are slim. There may be opportunities in the company outside of IT. AND, there are rumors of reorganization in the department. If that happens my future would be unclear.

Got an email today from one of my course instructors saying "Oops, I screwed up and work you thought was due a month from now is due Sunday. Sorry." Took all of my strenght not to flame the woman. Vented to Ellen and came down off the ledge. However, if a reasonaable extension is not granted to catch up with this new, HIGHLY accelerated assignment schedule, I'm blowing her in to my mentor. You can't simply decide 4 weeks in to the semester that all of the assigment dates have changed. I think the original course schedule was quite clear and that the instructor is the one with the problem.

Perhaps I'll give you guys details later. However, I expect to be VERY busy typing a great deal of tedious information for a certain instructor for the next several days.


Jude said…
Yikes, the instructor is now making things almost impossible for you guys! Any word yet on an extension? I don't blame you for being upset with her. Good luck Vince!
sydwynd said…
Jude: she got it straightened out. I'll post the whole story soon.
Kate said…
I am signed up for some internet classes this semester and as a teacher, it drives me crazy how horrible these teachers seem to be. There are always bad teachers (unfortunately) but it's and extreme situation when they're on-line.

Sorry about that and sorry about work. It's really horrible that after all your dedication and hard work...well we'll hope for the best but plan for the worst.
sydwynd said…
Kate: Thanks. It worked out. Read my new blog post. But I swear this is a grad student teaching this class. My 7th grader can do math better.

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