Lots of little things going on

Trying to find time to post is becoming difficult with all the stuff going on right now. Lots of little things. I decided to go from pre-paid phones to a family plan and now Ellen and I have kick ass smart phones. Both boys now have their own phones and Nicholas has been sending me the cutest text messages.

I had to travel to headquarters for a meeting for the first time in about a year. The good, I had some excellent face time with the right people and demonstrate some of my abilities. Also got to chat with some peers I haven't hung out with in a while. We had a blast over dinner and drinks last night. On the minus side, I had to travel in what was being billed as a "storm of potentially historic proportions". I'm not home yet (blogging from the train) but from what I'm gathering the storm is a dud. There's been almost no snow most of my trip so far.

Wrestling season is done (yay!). Now we can get Christopher focused on some other things and work on his grades. 2nd quarter ended so we'll see if he improved. Nicholas will be starting even MORE advanced classes. He's definately the studious one of the two (but not necessarily the smarter of the two). Christopher did get a 91 on his jazz solo despite the fact his instructor didn't adequately prepare him for it. He thought he totally tanked it but did very well.

Pretty much the last couple of weeks has been non-stop doing stuff from the minute I get up until the minute I got to bed. Looking forward to a time when that MIGHT slow down. Not counting on it though.


Jude said…
I'm glad you travelled in better conditions than were forecasted Vince. Yipes it makes me tired just reading about all you do, and I hope things slow down for you some soon. Good thing you're still young! LOL

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