Will you be my.....Friend? - UPDATED

I decided today to unfriend a whole bunch of people on Facebook. I'm not a big fan of that thing anyway. I post there very infrequently as I don't think people need to know when I'm making a sandwich or that I just took a shower. Which is what most people post. And I really don't care. I'd dump it altogether, but I do communciate with some family via Facebook.

Truthfully, if you want to know what's going in with me, come here. This is where I take the time to actually TELL people stuff I care about. Or don't care about. Like Facebook. But you'll get a little substance along with the little tidbits. Most of the people I dropped from Facebook were former bloggers. They don't comment on anything I put in Facebook, and I never see them here. Granted, there's only like 5 of you left that actually read my blog (which I very much appreciate!). But why bother keeping up to date on people that don't reciprocate? I really don't need a big friend list. So I'll probably keep paring down my Facebook list until the point I don't need it any more.

In some real news, I was actually motivated to write my first letter to the editor today to our local paper. Don't know if it will get printed, but someone put a bug up my butt. The gist of the letter I responded to was that Obama is leading us toward socialism, which will lead to Marxism, which will lead to Communism. That just pissed me off because it showed a total lack of knowledge. First of all, socialism means the "people" own the means of production. Primarily meaning manufacturing. Which will never happen in the US. There's too much money in manufacturing and would require a revolution to change that. Second, if you read history properly, communism was the first step towards true Marxism, where everyone is equal and there are no governments. Lastly, most western European countries, as well as Canada, have far more socialist progams than the US. And last time I checked, they've been democratic for decades. Stupid people can really annoy me.

One last amusing story. I was at Christopher's soccer game tonight and I saw a kid of about six wearing a Metallica T-shirt that said Damaged Justice on the front and Hammer of Justice on the back (with appropriate graphics). I immediately recognized it as a copy of the t-shirts they sold at Metallica concerts during the And Justice For All tour of about 1986 or so. A concert which I and one of my close buddies attended. I found it funny that the band still has that kind of staying power and that this kid probably didn't really have a clue about Metallica. And I bet this kid's dad never attended that tour either. It either makes me old or really freaking cool. I'll go with the latter.

Update: My letter to the editor got published in Saturday's local paper! How cool is that? The kids were impressed.


Jude said…
Go with the latter Vince, you're definitely freaking cool. :-)

You and I share the same feelings about FaceCrap vs Blogging. And the same for me, I'm only on FB because of a couple of friends who don't blog anymore. People who know me keep "friending" me there but I always warn them I don't use it much. I get into FB every now and then to check peeps out and say hello but that's only if I remember to do so.

I'd rather hear all about someone's weekend or what is going on in their life, rather than the simple fact that they are "glad it's Friday".... period.

Jammie J. said…
*sigh* Facebook and I have a love/hate relationship. It's really neat to find people with whom I've lost touch, but at the same time it seems so superficial and if you put anything deep on there, people shy away from it.


So yeah.

Blogging relationships are better, I think. But FB is good for letting people know you're alive if you don't feel like taking the time to write.
Kate said…
I have to do that on Facebook. I'm getting messages from so many stupid people. And I don't care when they took a shower or ate a PB sandwich.

Amen on the political stuff. People throw around these words that create fear without knowing what they mean or knowing how ignorant they are.
sydwynd said…
Jude: Unite indeed! I still miss the "old" days when people took the time to sit at their computers and type whole sentances.

Jammie: Agreed. I like Facebook mostly for quick messages to people I care about.

Kate: You definately need to fight ignorance with knowledge. And tolerance.
Jude said…
Your letter got published, I'm impressed too! *grin*
supreem said…
hello, i was just blog hopping (yes it happens sometimes) and I came across your post. I totally agree. I tried de-friend-ing people on facebook, and it was a FAIL. People continued to add me back, and ask me why I didn't like them... :x I couldn't handle the guilt trip. Anyway, good luck!!
sydwynd said…
Jude: I was pleasantly surprised. They must print just about anything. ;)

Supreem: Thanks for stopping! I have no problem with guilt if people realize I unfriended them.

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