The long weekend that was

Hope everyone had a joyous Independence Day weekend! We certainly packed it full of fun!

Friday night we hit up a couple of bike shops before they closed. I wanted to get a bike rack for my car and look at a new jersey for mountain bike racing. As an amusing side note, one of Ellen's cousins lives a few blocks from one of the shops we visited. She wanted to show the boys the house and her cousins were there. They live next door to a bar which is highly convenient! One of our neighbors (a whole story in and of itself) is the brother of Ellen's cousin's husband (got that?). So he (the neighbor) happened to call his brother. He hands Ellen the phone and says "Talk!" Our poor neighbor was so confused! When he finally figured out he was talking with Ellen he apologized for calling the wrong number so she finally had to tell him she was at his brother's house!

Saturday was our "relax" day. We didn't go anywhere or do much. Ellen and I took a nice morning ride on a new trail that goes up to the beach on Lake Ontario. Not too long but it was nice. The trail was paved and very smooth. It was nice to get on my mountain bike. She shook her head at me later when I had to take the road bike out on a quick spin as well! But overall we didn't do too much.

Sunday we went over to Ellen's niece's place and spent most of the day there. The have a great place that backs up to a creek. We mostly sat in the back yard and chilled out. The best part of the evening was when a group came floating by down the creek on big foam pads the size of matresses! And they did the same thing last year! There were a few other groups that came flaoting by later in kayaks, canoes, and in inner tubes. The best was the person in a raft pulling a little kid inflatible ring behind them. But instead of a kid, the ring contained a little cooler full of beer! Yes, people, they live in redneck country. Later Ellen's niece and her husband came out to our place and we watched the fireworks our town put on.

This morning was another ride day. Ellen's niece has the week off so she joined us. We picked a nice trail that was mostly shaded and went out around 10 am. That was necessary as it topped out at around 94 today and by 10 am it was over 80 degrees. Ellen and Nicholas got in about 10 miles while the rest of us put in about 15. It was a great ride, but we were a little sweaty by the end. The rest of the day was spent keeping cool. We'll be getting the boys to bed shortly since it's back to the normal routine tomorrow. However, next week we're off to Boy Scout camp for the week so expect some good stories and pictures! I plan on taking my mountain bike up there and get some good rides in.

Hope you all have a good week!


Jude said…
Sounds like you had the best kind of holiday weekend! Imagine having a place that backs up to water like that.... I bet it's pretty to sit out there too.

I'm really looking forward to pics and stories from Boy Scout camp. have a really good time!
sydwynd said…
Jude: It was a lot of fun. I didn't want to go back to work. You'll definately have some post camp pics!
Anonymous said…
Redneck country? To what area do you refer? That sounds like good manners to me!

Momcani...cause, you know....
Kate said…
Wow, you were busy. The weather here was horrible, so we just skipped it...a little bit disappointing considering it would have been the first year that Finn really got the fireworks.
Unknown said…
Great busy summer weekend!
sydwynd said…
Momcani: I refer to redneck country, you know, where "Dueling Banjo's" is the national anthem.

Kate: Sorry you didn't get to see some fireworks! You may get some other opportunties during the summer.

Brighton: Good to see you! Thanks!

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