Cycling on my mind

As most of you know, I got bit by the cycling bug last year. You know those guys so hooked on golf they're dreaming of the next time they can get on the course and hit the ball? I dream of the next time I can get out and ride and where I can go and which bike would I take.

Next up is a series of Tuesday night mountain bike (MTB) races. They begin next week. Not sure how many I'll compete in, but it will be at least one, maybe two. After my riding at summer camp, I can't wait to get out there again. I even bought new pedals to let me clip my shoes in so I won't lose my footting, similar to what I use on the road bike. You use your entire leg (both the up and down stroke) to work the pedals. Amusingly, when I told Ellen I'd bought pedals, she thought I meant GUITAR pedals. How's that for a turnaround? Anyway, I absolutely LOVE getting on my MTB and tooling around. It's just fun to ride.

However, I've been getting out on the road bike as well. I can go MUCH faster and it's a better workout on the lungs and legs. I'm up to about a 19 mph average so I'm getting there. Not ready to do any road races yet, but perhaps by next year. I need to take the lady on some Sunday morning road rides. She tried one with a cycling group while I was at camp and what was SUPPOSED to be a slow and easy ride was much faster than that. And, they never stopped. She's not up to riding 18 miles at about 13 mph non-stop yet (which is what this group did). If they'd have slowed to about 10 mph and stopped about 2 times, I bet she'd have been fine. So I'll ride with her since I like nothing better than to cruise around with my pretty lady. And ride behind her. VERY nice view from back there, especially if she's got her cycling shorts on.

I have this vision of retiring and then spending weekends in the summer camping up in the Adairondak mountains with our MTB's and some kayaks, hiking, riding, and paddling around. What better way to spend you summer days? Certainly as the boys get older, I'm sure we can do that. I even saw a roof mounted rack on someone's car that carried 2 kayaks and 2 bikes. Just what I'd need! Who knew the outdoors could be so fun?

In some other quick news, the band is getting up to speed again for the fall season. We took a couple of weeks off since the boys soccer games interfered with practice and everyone was just too darn busy. We need to audition a new drummer, prep for a gig at the end of August, and then we begin regular Masses at church the first weekend in October. It was good to get together and play again.

This weekend we're thinking of going to Erie Canal Village in Utica. Their having a Victorian festival and this Saturday looks to be in the mid to upper 70's temp wise and not humid. Given that Ellen HATES when the weather gets too hot, we're going to take a targe of opportunity and go on a day trip. Don't know if the kids will enjoy it. Ellen doesn't care. We're off and they can like it or not. But I think they'll figure out a way to have fun. Pictures will be posted after the event, I'm sure.

Other than that, I'm spending my summer doing the usual things and catching up on Star Wars novels and any other decent science fiction I can get my hands on. I do love to read and summer is for novels that don't make you have to think too much. September is back to school so I need to cram as much in the next 5 weeks as possible! Later kiddies!


Kate said…
Wow, that's quite the commitment. Biking is a great workout!
sydwynd said…
Kate: I absolutely fell in love with it. The great thing about it is that it's such an easy family thing to do. Instead of the old "Sunday drive" we try to do "Sunday Rides". Even a 30 minute ride is great family time.
Jude said…
Erie Canal Village looks like a fun time, you'll have to let us know how you enjoyed it. I'm with Ellen, I can't take hot weather. Yesterday it got to 80F in my house by 4 p.m., and it only gets hotter as the evening wears on. Bleh!

Hahhaha you'll have to be VERY careful you don't wipe out in a pothole or something when riding behind Ellen.....

Have a great weekend Rocker Guy!

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