Too tired to blog

That's been me this week. School's started for 3/4 of the house. I've been busy getting ahead on my reading for my 2 MBA courses. Classes "officially" kick off Monday but the site went live with them including our assignments on Labor Day. Both boys began school this week. Grasshopper started Middle School and is very excited. I'm sure by next week we'll be in full swing with activities and such.

We had a fun Labor Day weekend. On Sunday we took a boat tour of the Erie Canal that was a blast. We got to travel through a lock as part of the tour and that was totally cool. We also went mountain biking on Monday. Ellen's niece's husband works for a bike shop and brought along a bike similar to the one I want to get. It was awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on one! Christopher went on the trails with us and had a fun time. We did some biking on the canal path on Saturday and that was fun as well. All in all, a good holiday weekend.

I'm sure posting and reading blogs will be infrequent as most of my spare time will be devoted to school. One of the courses I'm taking is Acccounting and Finance and the book is already starting to blow my mind. I'm not terribly good at that stuff but luckily Ellen's an accounting major so I've got some backup! I have to get her to explain present values of annuities to me because I don't understand the concept at all of how when you win the lottery for $10 million you only end up with $4.5 million.

Anyway, tomorrow's the annual Autism Walk so we'll be busy with that and Sunday is "homework day" for me so stay well kiddies!


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