Ray of Sunshine

It's been crazy busy at the Franco house with all the boys (including me) in school right now. All of my spare time at home is spent on their activities or school, with a little time for some biking and the Wife mixed in.

Today I have a big ray of sunshine bursting through the gloom of Monday morning work craziness. If you recall from a few posts ago, I was looking to get a very nice white with red Gary Fisher mountain bike. Well, it turns out that the 2010 models are out and they don't make them in white any longer. And there are no white 2009's to be had anywhere as they sold out of them. So I put up a picture of a gray one on my screen at work to get myself used to having a different color.

Well, Ellen and I were looking at bikes this weekend and on a lark I went to eBay and searched for that model. Guess what? I found one in my size, in white, only 3 months old and ridden twice! A vertiable "old lady that only drove it on Sundays" kind of find! And the price was highly resonable! So guess who got the bike he REALLY wanted? Yup. Me!

Now I can't wait to get it! I'm more excited about getting this bike than when I bought my last guitar. I even put the picture of it back up on my screen at work. I've been grinning like a fool all day when I think about it. What can I say, small things make me happy.


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