About time

Yay! The bike I bought on eBay last week finally shipped today and should be here Saturday. Communication with the seller was slow but it turns out the person was moving and didn't have internet for a little while. They also had to disassemble the bike to get it in the box. Hopefully it's not going to be like the commercial where the dad has a zillion pieces to put together the bike and is scratching his head.

I've been totally stressing out over the last week between work and school. I was ready to curl up and call it quits a couple of times (mostly with school) but I'm hanging in there. I had to make the cry for help to my boss last week. I seldom come out and say I can't take it, but I was very close to severe burnout trying to run two teams that both need 100% of my attention right now. It's better, but not by much. Still, my boss is working on the situation and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

The two case studies I need to complete in the next 2 and a half weeks are making me crazy. One I have almost no idea where to start. The other, I wasn't sure what to do so I decided to just start writing. As I'm going, things are coming to me so we'll see how that turns out. With the first one, we're going to work in groups so I'm kind of waiting to see how that goes. You might think 2 and a half weeks is a long time, but considering I want the papers complete by the Sunday of that week so I can take the required quizzes and read up for the next module (5 chapters in each course to read!), if I don't stay ahead of the game, I'm behind.

Perhaps I'm putting too much pressure on myself to overachieve, but right now it's the only way I can make sure I've done everything I need to do to get a good grade. Thank God working out actually takes some of the stress away and keeps me off the edge. And as soon as I get my new bike, I'll have something else to keep me sane until the snow comes.

Just about every free moment I have is taken up with the kids and school work, so about the only chance I have for blog surfing is about 10 minutes during lunch at work. See you when I can!


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