A Day at the Fair

Yesterday we went to the great New York State Fair, second largest in the country. And large it was. There was good food (Ellen and I got the BEST sausage around with peppers and onions on it), extremely cold chocolate milk for a quarter, extreme canines, animals, a boy scout exhibit, cows, horses, rabbits, chickens, you name it. We even got to hold a chick! (the fuzzy yellow kind). All in all a nice day. The weather was perfect (sunny and about 75). The crowd was light since it was a Wednesday. And Christopher even got in free, even though he's over 12! When the attendant told him to go through, he stated "But I'm 13!" The attendant let him go through for free anyway and thanked him for his honesty.

It would have been nice to stay longer, but we did have to get ready for work and summer camp today and it's an hour or so drive home. But it was well worth it. I took some "comparison" photos, doing the same shots this year as the last time we went to the fair a few years ago. You judge for yourselves. The first was the last visit (2003), the second yesterday's visit:

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