Women have LOOOOONG Memories

Last night we went to the commitment ceremony (and reception) for the pianist in our band. In case you're not clear what that is, she and her partner exchanged vows as life partners. They're in Canada this weekend to get legally married there tomorrow. As a side note, the Wife and I had an interesting conversation with another band member and his wife on the significance of what we'd witnessed and how it relates to our faith, but that's a story for another time.

Right now, I wanted to talk about the reception. As always, following the food and cake, there was dancing. Now, being the musical type, you'd think I might enjoy dancing. I will say I had a great time dancing at my own wedding and never left the dance floor. However, at most receptions, I don't dance. Well, that was how it was early in our relationship. At some point after getting married, we attended a reception and the Wife wanted to dance, and I said something to the effect of "I'm a musician, I don't dance". So now we don't dance at receptions any more.

It's not that I won't dance with the Wife. If she asks me, I will. But, basically, I don't like dancing. I don't mind a slow number where I have an excuse to hold the Wife close, but other songs, not so much. The funny thing is, if you strap a guitar on me, and put me in front of a bunch of people (or even on my own), I'll be moving, jumping, swaying, and generally acting like a crazy person to just about any kind of music I can play. Put me on a dance floor, and I'm outta there. I just don't get into it that much. When a great song comes on, it doesn't want to make me get up and shake my thang, it makes we want to grab my guitar.

Those of you who are of my generation (and perhaps a tad older) will remember the song by Loggins and Messina, "Your Mama Don't Dance and You're Daddy Don't Rock and Roll". For our boys, it's just the opposite. Your daddy don't dance and your mama don't rock and roll.


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