War story

I promised "war stories" of when the Wife and I were dating, so one is to follow. But first, I'd like to introduce 2 ladies that are new to blogging (well, one took a break and is back, the other is new). So go say hi if you get a chance. I'll add them to my blog roll when Blogrolling is back up and running. They are Janna and Amy. Glad to have you guys on board.

Ok, so I had to wrack my brain a little for a good story. When you've been together 25 plus years, you'd think there'd be all this good material, but truthfully, a lot of it is dull day to day stuff. But back in our dating days, things were "fiestier", shall we say.

Let me begin by saying that one of the Wife's pet peeves with me is not being home when I say. For example, if I'm going to band practice and say I'll be home at 10 pm and I roll in at say, midnight, she's going to kick my ass. However, if I say I'll be home "later" and come home midnight, I'm covered.

As a bit of background, back in college if I wasn't hanging with the Wife, I was probably hanging with my best pal Scott. We spent a lot of time playing music, Axis and Allies, and generally getting into trouble. I had a bad habit of saying I'd be at his place until whatever time and shaving it REALLY close if I was going to meet the Wife.

So, one time, I had promised to meet her, can't remember the exact details. But in any event, I was WAY late. Like 30 to 45 minutes. I kept saying to my pal, "I really need to get going" but never quite left. So, we're outside in the driveway and suddenly in pulls the Wife (then the Fiance). She was totally hopping mad. Like, flames coming out of the eyes mad. I recall her yelling at me, getting back in her car, slamming the door and taking off.

So what did I do? What any sane boyfriend would do. I got in my car and followed her, of course. What ensued was a semi-high speed chase all through town. We ended up at the beach where she finally stopped. I recall we had it out, meaning she kept yelling at me and I kept apologizing. Eventually she calmed down and we got to hang out at the lake.

Moral of the story: Gentleman, don't keep your lady waiting. Ladies, expect your man to cave and do crazy things to make it up to you when he pisses you off.


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