Getting to know you - UPDATED!

The new guitar showed up today. I had to run home at lunch to pick it up. Not because I couldn't wait to get my hands on it (which I was itching to do) but because when I checked DHL's website they said they delivered it to my door. And I still wanted it to be there when I got home. When I reached the house, there was a big box leaning against the front door practically screaming "Take me!"

Anyway, I pulled it out and gave it the quick once over. I had one concern about a crack in the finish around the neck that was not mentioned in the ebay add or shown in a picture. I emailed the seller and he reassured me it was just a crack in the finish, not that the neck had broken and been repaired. Since the crack only went about 3/4 the way around, I figured it was probably the finish.

Upon closer inspection I noticed a few other little things. 1. This guy used wickedly thick strings. I can barely bend the damn things! They'll have to go very soon. I'll put on my usual gauge to make them comfy. 2. He blocked the trememlo. Meaning he physically put a piece of wood behind it to keep it from moving. And it only has 2 springs, which will not be enough to hold the tremelo down. Tremelo arm was also missing. 3. The idiot used screws that were not threaded all the way through to hold on the strap pegs. Meaning they weren't tight to the body so they would eventually rip out and fall off your strap. I put on my trusty strap locks so problem solved.

I've played with it and here's the verdict: I'm cautiously optimisitc. I plugged it in to my Fender amp and I like the sound out of the pickups a lot. Not quite as good as my SG2000, but very nice. The output is a lot higher so this guitar should rock something fierce. The neck is the same as my existing Yamaha which makes me very happy. It's the same size and nearly the same wieght as my trusty baby, so if feels very comfortable to wear and play. Sunday I have a gig at church so I'll put it through it's paces. Once I change the strings (no time this weekend unfortunately) I'll feel much better. Then I have to get the tremelo in shape. I have a feeling this will be a great edition to my sonic arsenal.

UPDATE: I put my new baby through all it's paces yesterday, including playing my real baby at the end of the set for comparison. If I didn't look down, I wouldn't have know it was a different axe. Being my SG2000 is a 10, the SG1300 is a 9.8 or 9.9. It is truly the backup guitar I've been looking for. Comfortable right out of the gate to play and sounds really good. Only comment I got from the Wife is that I had way too much gain going with it. Which isn't a bad thing at all.


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