Couldn't Turn Away

I didn't want to watch the debate tonight, but there was nothing else on.

Was it just me or did anyone else want to reach through the TV and just punch John McCain in the head? Oh, my God, the more he talked the more he infuriated me. Forget that smug "That Young Punk Don't Know What He's Talking About" look, his almost being patronizing to Obama, and his apparent attitude that he has all the answers and doesn't need to talk to anyone else. There was his dancing around the fact that Head Start and No Child Left Behind was fucked up not because it was a good idea needing "reform", but that Bush made tons of requirements then didn't pony up the money he promised to make it work.

No, the clincher was when he tried to say why Sarah Palin was such a great running mate. Because autism is a major childhood disability these days and Sarah Palin knows all about the struggles parents with autistic children face.

And how the fuck would she know that? Forgive me Brighton, but how is having a Downs Syndrome baby like having an autistic child? And considering your other children are normally developing, and autism doesn't usually get diagnosed until a kid is older, around 2, again, how the fuck would you know what it's like to be me? Or any other parent with an autistic child? How are the challenges of have a Downs Syndrome baby (challenges, BTW, you've pawned off onto others so you could run Alaska and run for Vice President) anything like the challenges my wife and I face? Or any other parent dealing with an autistic child?

The answer is she doesn't have a clue. And for McCain to insinuate that selfish, whacked out woman in any way would represent my and my child's interests was a major insult to me. I'm not really a fan of Obama, but I now totally LOATHE McCain. Couple that with things I learned about how he basically turned his back on his principles to coddle to Jerry Fallwell and jumping on the Bush Bandwagon all to secure the party nomination for President after Bush kicked his ass in 2000 just goes to show he's no maverick, but a politician willing to do what's necessary to gain office.


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