The Wife and I broke out some of our old photo albums to show the kids. Boy what a trip down memory lane. We had pictures that went way back to the early days of us dating. What kids we were! The boys marvelled at how much hair I had back then. I marvelled at the fact the Wife looks pretty much the same now as then. Different glasses and different hair as the years have gone by, but still the same woman. She's as foxy now as she was in the pictures on our honeymoon.

I did notice we were much sillier and laughed and smiled more back then. Of course, we had a lot less responsibility then too. One of these days I'm going to scan a picture or two of those days to post. But somehow I don't think the Wife will let me post the picture of her in the shiny pink leopard print outfit. However, I bet I could post the one in her polkadot sun dress and high heels. Meow!


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