New sport

We've discovered a new sport in the house. This year, we seem to have more rabbits in our back yard. Or if they're the same number as last year, they're braver about hippity hoppitying around the yard. Anyway, since we have a dog with beagle in it, it provides him with endless entertainment out the window.

Well, perhaps not entertainment. He goes pretty insane when he sees the rabbits. He runs around the house and then back to the window. He whines and looks at us every now and then. He even runs to the back door and gives us the "Let me out!" look.

So where's the sport? Sometimes, we DO let him out!

Not unsupervised, of course. We put his leash on and let him chase the rabbits from the yard. You should see how fast those things can run! Buddy goes nuts and brays and brays to let him off the leash. We don't dare cause I wouldn't want to spend the night chasing him around. But it is fun watching the bunnies torment the dog by being brazen enough to come into his yard and look at him from our patio. How dare they, right? As long as they don't get in our garden (which has a fence around it), then the bunnies can go on torturing the dog.


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