Growing too fast

It has been brought to my attention (well, not really, I knew) by my bandmate/Maverick's music teacher that he is developing his own "style" and he may end of one of the "cool kids".

Now that Maverick is 12 and in middle school, he's decided that he needs to start shopping at Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Aeropostale. We did get him some cool clothes for his birthday at Aeropostale for a great price. But it may get out of control soon.

Monday he went to take his boy scout swim test for summer camp. He spiked up his hair, put on a ball cap sideways and back far enough so the spikes stuck out the front, had on his cool kid clothes, and wore 2 watches and 3 necklaces.

He's decided he needs a real hairstyle and wants to grow it out. He also wants to wear shorts to school every day regardless of the temperature.

I swear if he starts talking ghetto I'm going to smack him upside the head.


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