End of an era

For about the last 2 years, the band has been playing Masses at a group of churches in the town of Greece. We really like playing Masses there since the people that attend are really into the style of worship the band is ministering too. However, all good things must come to an end. There's some changes in organization and the planning group that set up the Masses is not sure what they want to do now. Two of the people that were driving forces behind it are being reassigned to other parishes. So we're done there for the summer and we don't know what will happen come fall.

It's disappointing, but as one of our singers stated, this is the Holy Spirit's ministry, not ours. The Spirit will take us where He will. We will still be doing some Masses at our home parish. So the band keeps going. We did a rocking job tonight so hopefully we'll get to play out there again.


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