Just don't get it

I could really rant about something that occurred where the Wife works, but she asked me not to. So instead, I have this:

Instead, I can rant about something I came across today. It started with an article in the local paper about Easter services in a non-denominational church just down the road from us. They've been building a new church for about a year now, and it was finally finished. Now, I'm not a big fan of this particular church because it's one of those "feel good" Christian parishes that's more about the pastor and how he electrifies everyone than the actual faith. The type of place where if the pastor left, the congregation would probably fold.

But that's not what I want to rant about. They had some pictures on the news of the service. Rock bands, lights, people doing paintings, pretty much everything but someone preaching. I got the impression of a rock concert more than an Easter service. But again, that's not what I want to rant about. The article in the online edition of our paper includes the ability to make comments. So of course, there were tons of anti-Christian comments. Cause these people have nothing better to do than mock other's beliefs. But AGAIN, this isn't what I want to rant about.

I was silly enough to click on a link someone left to a YouTube video. THIS is what I want to rant about. I won't bother linking it, since it doesn't deserve it. If you want to go and find it, it was something about the biggest optical illusion. The gyst of it was this:

Praying to God is as effective as praying to a gallon of milk. Since scientific studies prove prayer doesn't work, and since prayer is a central theme in Christianity, it's obvious to the logical person that God doesn't exist and only stupid people would continue to beleive in Him.

Where do I start to go off on these idiots? Let's begin with the first major idiotic assumption: since I can't prove God exists, then He must not. Oh, there's good science. Start your hypothesis with the conclusion and seek imperical evidence to support what you want the outcome to be. Let's look at that more closely. As a former scientist, I know that there are observable phenomenon that all the math and science at our disposal says cannot posibly exist. Yet it does. So how does the scientist react? By realizing that our scientific knowledge is imperfect and that further study/work/discovery should allow us to determine how it works. That, my friends is called faith.

Yet, if I have faith in God, and state that while I can't prove He exists and that my knowledge is imperfect to be able to even begin to describe He exists, then I'm an illogical fool. What observable phenomenon can we point to that God exists? Well, how about consciousness? What makes people different from the animals? What is it that causes essentiall 2 cells to multiply like crazy, combine into what eventually becomes a person, and causes that person to be self aware and be able to think deep thoughts like how did the universe evolve? How the hell does a mass of chemicals in a brain make you human?

What these idoits can't seem to get is the spirit. What makes us different from the animals is that spiritual dimension to us. Whether your spirit is nourished by the Holy Spirit, God with a "G" or god(ess) with a "g", or anything else in between, humans have a need to be sound not just in mind and body, but in the spirit. In a way, I feel sorry for these groups that feel they must attack and try to turn people away from their faith. What in their life are they missing that makes them so miserable they must try and make other like them? What in thier lives has gotten them to the point where cold logic is all that's left for them? Are they jealous of those with faith, regardless of what that faith is?

I can't imagine thinking that there is no God and that all of life is some coincidence, which is apparently what this group wants you to believe. If it's all just an accident, what's the point of life? If you just hang out on earth for about 100 years and that's it, how sad and lonely is that? I find great comfort in times of trail (and in times of plenty) in knowing God is looking out for me. That no matter what, someone's always there for me.

I was tempted to leave a comment after the YouTube video, but I knew that would be a waste of time. It's so obvious that these people just don't get it. But I bet one day, when it's far too late, they will.


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