If I were King

Today was definately one of those days at work. I came home in a really frustrated and burned out kind of mood. Luckily, I've mostly let it go now and am calm. Without getting too techie, we're in the process of combining two networks. We're migrating user's network logon's from one network to the other. Now, this is causing all kinds of confusion. To start with, we're not doing this the way I would have recommended. Not that I know everything (well.....) but we had several choices on how to go about this and I don't think we made the right call. But my opinion wasn't asked concerning that.

My other major problem is that we've hired consultants to run the project and do the work. And while these guys know a lot, they really don't know our networks. Already they've made some major blunders resulting in things not working. And today yet another issue came up, which resulted in my boss getting a call from one of the other top people in the department. A call about something that I'd told the project team would be an issue close to three weeks ago. But is anyone listening to me? Obviously not.

Here in lies my biggest bitch. We (that is our internal people) should be running this project. Sure, we should bring in technical experts to assist us in doing things we're not familiar with. But we're letting these guys make the decisions and do the work without any real thought as to what they're reall doing. Again, no one asked my opinion, so there's not much I can do.

Or is there?

In a semi-related note, our IT PMO (Project Management Officer) is leaving the company. We got a nice email from the CIO to that effect. So I replied to him that based on our previous discussions, that I might perhaps be interested in the job. I let the body cool down a few hours before jumping in with the offer, mind you. I'm not THAT blatantly ambitious. He replied that he'd been thinking about me and wanted to discuss it with me as well. We meet next Tuesday. So we shall see what we shall see.


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