Random thoughts

I've been uninspired lately as what to post about. Plus I've just been too damn tired to bother. Way too much stuff going on. So I figured I'd just throw up some random tidbits of stuff that's been going on lately.

Yesterday we finally had Grasshopper's kid's birthday party. October was just totally nuts. This was after doing a sleepover with his cub scout den Friday night. The sleepover was fun. I'd done it before with Maverick. We got to walk through Genesee Country Village (a 19th century village) at night by lantern and did a cool nature hike. The birthday party was at an indoor race track. The boys got to ride go carts and race and play video games followed by pizza and cake. What boy wouldn't like that?

I got a cool new phone from work. It's one of the Treo 700 smartphones. It's totally neat. I can get internet access on it and everything. I got it more to be able to support it for our users but I also was having trouble keeping my schedule up to date since it was changing like 10 times a day. I can even keep up with my email (both work AND home). Very cool.

I had to run to Schenectady for a day last week. We had a project that was not going well, mostly due to issues beyond my or my team's control, but still, we took the brunt. At about 7:30 PM Wednesday I get a call from my boss and basically he told me he wanted me to come out the next day. It was good that I went out there since I got a few things straightened out, but damn driving 450 miles in a day is tiring. That's what I get for being a guy that can get things done. There's a down side to being that good.

Tomorrow the boys are off from school so I'll be home. We're going to do a shopping trip. There's an outlet mall about 45 minutes away that's one of the only places we can find pants that fit those two. There probably won't be a weekend between now and Christmas we'll be able to head out there so I figure I might as well go on a day off. We've begun out shopping lists and of course, can't think of anything to get anyone. At least the Wife has given me some ideas and I thought of one all by myself, so I should be good. I think.

I've been needing strings for my new guitar for a couple of weeks now, since I broke one at a gig. I haven't had a change to even go near a guitar store since then. It's probably a good thing so I won't be tempted by some new cool musical toy, but I really need to set the guitar up properly and need new strings first. Maybe some time this week if I'm lucky.

Anyway, things are finally somewhat "normal" around here now that we've made it through October. Last month was completely insane. This month we have only our "normal" craziness. So all is well here. Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff to say later.


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