Election Day

Today is my annual public service announcement. Tuesday, November 6 is Election Day here in the US. I'm urging everyone to get out and vote. Even though this is an "off" year election, it's far more important than the national elections. This year's election has the greatest impact on you, the voter. How? Let's face it, local elections impact voters far more than national ones. Your local politicians are the ones that raise or lower your taxes, enact laws that affect your every day life, and control what goes on in your schools. If you really want to make a difference, go vote for a town supervisor, school board member, or town councilman. These are the people that live in your neighborhood and keep all of the services running that make your every day life what it is. The most amazing thing is that these "off year" elections have the lowest turnout.

So get out there and vote! It can make a HUGE difference!


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