Fingers on Fire

I've been a little obsessed with music lately. I've been spending quite a bit of what little spare time I have playing. I'm actually starting to add some new riffs and ideas to leads, something I haven't done in a while. I managed to find my Star Licks Brian May video. Holy shit his leads don't sound hard but dammit if he doesn't use unique scale patterns to play the way he does. Which is what makes him Brian May. But it sure makes it hard to learn.

In other music news, I had to replace the Wife's Ipod. I got her a 2 gig Nano a while back and for some reason it stopped working. Wouldn't charge up and I couldn't connect it to the PC. Luckily, I got the extended warrentee. And since they don't make that model any longer, I got a 4 gig video Nano at no additional cost. Free upgrade baby! She's pleased with that.

Thanksgiving this year will be at my mom's place. I'm looking forward to the long weekend as I have nothing planned but painting the living room and dining room. Hope everyone has a nice holiday as I intend to enjoy mine. Later peeps!


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