Make me feel old

I was assisting one of the "younger" ladies today at work (meaning she's about 30). She's pregnant with her first kid. We were discussing stuff you go through with your kids and I related a story about Maverick when he was a baby. He was having problems with gas bubbles that were making him scream. I mentioned that our pediatrician was useless on the whole thing and that we finally just went with our gut. Her question?

"Why didn't you just Google it?"

My response:

"Dear, when Maverick was a baby, I was pleased to have a state of the art 56 K modem. I was on AOL 4 at the time."

Ouch, talk about making me feel old! And that was 1996! I feel like an old guy saying to the young punk, "You know, back in MY day....."

(sigh) Young snotty kids.


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