Ouch! I Hurt!

It's been a busy weekend. Thanksgiving was spent at my Mom's place, so all we had to do was bring a cranberry dish and a sweet potatoe dish (both of which rock). We got to sleep in, watch the Macy's Parade with the kids, and the dog show afterwards. After dinner we came back home a crashed. All in all a good day.

Friday and Saturday were spent painting the living room and dining room (now dubbed the "Quiet Room"). There was lots of things to move and the painting itself. I didn't realize how much stuff was in our Quiet Room until I had to clear it out. Friday was the living room, Saturday the dining room. I painted it Biscuit, which is a light cream color. I was very satisfied with the result. It's a subtle shade and almost looks white in low light. I'd post pictures, but I'm lazy. I'll put up some pictures after the window treatments are in. However, due to all the painting, my legs are killing me! Painting uses muscles I don't normally use. But I'll live.

Today, we went to see The Nutcracker ballet. The Wife got some free tickets from a friend at work that couldn't use them. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, as I'm not a big fan of classical music or ballet. But I must say, we all had a great time! It was quite fascinating to watch the dancers! Seeing the ballerina's spinning on their toes was just like something out of a music box. The athleticism and conditioning of the dancers was just amazing. One woman bent over backwards practically in half. It was just unbelievable. They had a young girl playing Clara and she was just awesome! Overall the production was great, and it was cool watching the little kids they added to the performance. They were so cute! And they even added a children's chior to one part.

The music was quite good as well. It amazed me that all of those different parts where once in some guy's head. There's no way I could compose anything so complex and it blows my mind that people can do that.

The boys really enjoyed the performance. The Wife and I enjoyed 2 hours of not hearing the kids talk. I think we need to take them to events more often so we don't have to hear them constantly yammering, fighting with each other, or talking back every time we say something to them.

Hope your holiday was great. Now we start on the holiday decorating and cookie making. The Wife is making cool cocoa kinds of cookies now. Remember, Christmas is one month away!


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