You want a piece of me?

While loading up my new Ipod I came across a pair of MP3's of songs I recoreded with my band The Real Emetics. They're two songs I'm very proud of, but before my Christian era so were not included in Voice of the Spirit. I got to thinking they're just sitting there doing nothing, sooooooooooo:

I thought I'd offer them up to those that would like them. They're rough mixes since I didn't have time for a final mix, but they're decent. If you'd like copies of the two songs, Remember When and Beg and Plead, then please email me and I'll email them to you.

There's one MAJOR condition: These are my copyrighted work. If I send it to you, then you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT give them to anyone esle without my express permission. I'll probably say yes, but I'd like to know who's getting my work for free. I'm totally not kidding about that.

So if you're interested, give me a shout. Rock on!


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