Wanna Trade?

It's been an interesting couple of days. I've aquired some new toys and have yet to spend a dime.

Friday, one of my co workers asked if I had a minute to look at her daughter's Ipod. She said it wasn't working and the daughter was relying on her newer Nano. I said sure, so she goes out to the car and brings me a 4th generation 20 gig Ipod. I immediately noticed that Hold was on, and turned it off. After a quick test, I determined the Ipod worked fine. My co-worker had been willing to give it to me to repair and keep if it didn't work, but I could not in good conscience take a fully functional Ipod from her. I caught up with her later and told her it worked perfectly fine and I couldn't keep it if she wanted it. She told me her daughter didn't use it and she wouldn't, so if I'd be willing to bank some personal tech time for her home PC, having me available to assist her was much more valuable than the Ipod.

So I became the proud owner of a 20 gig Ipod! Which is now loaded with a ton of my music to listen at work.

Saturday I played in the company golf tournament. It was fun, and I had a few good shots. Everyone got a free raffle ticket for prize giveaways at the end. I found my ticket stapled to some golf tees, which I thought was cool. The tees were next to a golf club with no ticket on it. I found out that my winning ticket was actually for the tees AND the golf club. Also cool. It turns out another person had won the head cover for the golf club. Unsure as to why they were seperated, he was willing to trade the golf tees for the club head cover. More cool! As it turns out, I have this type of club (a 3 hybrid) and don't use the club I have that much. Another golfer won a portable DVD player and has a DVD player in the van AND a portable DVD player. I offered a trade for the club and cover for the DVD player.

With permission from his wife, I now am the proud owner of a portable DVD player! Which the boys have already begun to enjoy. Today we went to a family reunion. The weather was kind of rainy so we brought the player. The boys were able to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and really liked the player.

As you can see, it's been a rather productive weekend!


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