Almost, but not quite - update

Today we had our IT department picnic. I left work with plenty of time to get there, and had a few extra minutes. Since I was in the part of town where the infamous Great, Great House of Guitars resides, I decided to stop by. Mind you, I only go there to LOOK at guitars, since they have the absolute worst treatment of instruments of any shop I've ever been in, but the selection is HUGE so it's a great place to try stuff out.

Anyway, the reason I went there is that I thought they just MIGHT have a Brian May guitar and I was interested in trying one. Well, they had this, the Dillion copy. So I said what the hell, and plugged it in. I was pleasantly surprised. It sounded great, the pickup combinations were awesome, and I could get all kinds of cool tones (especially through the Vox amp I was playing). So, even though I once vowed NEVER to buy a guitar there, I asked the price.


I thought the guitar was nice, but not $500 nice. I mean, it's not even that authentic a copy. It does have the Burns Tri-sonic pickups and is wired like Brian's guitar, and is shaped like Brian's guitar, but that's as close as it came. If it was somewhere in the low $400's, I'd have been willing to deal. But I passed.

HOWEVER, trying it out did answer the one big question I've had that's been keeping me from seriously looking at the Brian May guitar: will I like how it sounds. After all, I'd hate to spend money on a Brian May of any sort and then find out I didn't like it. Bottom line, I LOVED the sound. Totally kick ass and I could do so much with it. Sooooooo, now I need to figure out how to get me my own Red Special (in perhaps a non-red color). Not any time soon I think, but eventually. Assuming I can keep the Wife from killing me for getting ANOTHER guitar.

Rock on, people, rock on.

UPDATE: On a whim, I called the HOG back and said that $500 was too steep. I was asked how much I wanted to pay. I said $375. The guy puts me on hold and says, "Sounds good."

I let the Wife know I was going to pick it up and she said "What do I get?" I responded "Whatever you like."

I pick it up in half an hour.


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