What a weekend

We had quite the busy Labor Day weekend. Saturday was spent running around and getting the house ready for our annual Labor Day party on Sunday (more on that in a minute). Monday was spend at my Aunt and Uncle's place for another picnic. All told, the Wife and I had almost no time to ourselves. Almost, that is ;).

Anyway, since we moved into our new place, every Labor Day weekend we host a party for our high school gang. We all get together about twice a year, once at our place Labor Day weekend, and once at P's house for the annual Christmas party. Going into Friday evening, everything looked good to go. Our one friend that lives in Montreal was going to be in town. Another friend couldn't stay late since she had a family obligation to go to later in the afternoon, but that's fine.

So Sunday I get a call from one friend saying she had to cancel. Her husbands started a project and then wasn't feeling well and it had to be finished (something about no door on the front of the house or something) and she had to finish the job. Ok. So a couple of other friends show up and we find out our friend from Montreal had to go back early. She was starting a new job and had to be there on Tuesday and only found out last minute. So our party was down to us and two of our friends. Kind of a bummer, especially for the boys since our friend that called Sunday morning has two girls the same age as our boys. No cool playmates :(

However, shortly after the party started, the doorbell rings and some of the boys' friends are there. They ended up playing together for quite a while and they had a good time. The Wife and I had a nice visit with our two friends, especially one of them who had come late the last two years due to working retail. She no longer does so she got to stay a while. They boys friends stayed for food so we didn't have stuff go to waste.

Just as our last guest was leaving, the Wife heard someone call her name. Down the street comes her cousin! In a strange twist of fate, the Wife knows this couple at the end of our street. The one gentleman is the brother of one of her childhood friends (they lived next door to each other) and his partner is the Wife's cousin's brother in law. Confused? It doesn't matter. The Wife's cousin said they were having a party and we should come crash. So we did! With the kids and the dog! Buddy loves the two dogs that live with the couple and they just LOOOOOVE our dog. We had a totally fun time at the other party! We'd have stayed late but we had to get the boys to bed, but what looked like a potential downer of a day turned into one of the funnest days of the summer. I'm probably going to need a weekend to recover from my holiday, but it doesn't look like I'll get it. Oh well, we need more weekends like this past one.


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