So much time, so little to say

There just seems like not a lot worth blogging is going on right now. Buddy is coming along. We're still working on his schedule. He's had a few accidents in his crate. The vet checked him out and he seems fine. The Wife is going crazy on doggie toys and accessories. The cat still views the dog very suspiciously and mostly stays upstairs.

Today I had a team meeting with my new team in Syracuse. Overall it went well. Lunch was fun since on the way out to the car, we bumped into one of the salespersons from Rochester. We invited her out to lunch with us and it was a wonderful time. Nothing like an attractive blonde to make lunch pleasant. We went back to the Irish pub an everyone agreed it was fabulous. Our waitress even had a Irish accent and red hair. Talk about atmosphere.

Grasshopper had his first soccer game of the season. He did quite well and remembered what he was supposed to do. A huge improvement over his first game last year where he had a melt down because he had no idea what he was doing. His team even won. Plus it was like 83 degrees and not humid so the weather was perfect.

We currently don't have any plans for Memorial Day weekend, and it's kind of nice. I think I'll be doing some landscaping this weekend, as it really needs to be done. A good excuse to be outside with the family. Maverick starts his golf lessons Saturday.

Lately I've been too tired to turn on a PC or laptop after getting home and I've been busy during lunch at work, so I'm behind checking all my fave blogs. However, I'll try and catch up tonight. At least hit up all of my important ones (if you're reading this right now, that probably means you!). Otherwise, I'll catch up tomorrow. Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while!


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