Buzzed blogging

First, I'd like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for my dad and my pal. My dad is home now, he came home yesterday. He's doing well and is recovering quickly.

Today and tomorrow, I'm in Schenectady at "headquarters" to meet with some of my new team members and start doing some planning for projects. Things went decent for me. I also came out with my soon to be ex-supervisor and a peer that handles the servers and network infrastructure. We chatted when we went out to dinner and I was flabbergasted. Today has been a "Are you fucking kidding me" kind of day. When meeting with my new team members, I was just amazed at the lack of progress on some issues I thought were further along. Not to say they've been slacking or anything, but being as this particular project has been in the works for 18 months, you would think we'd be almost ready to go. I have so much work to do.

But what really REALLY PISSED ME OFF is the way my two buds that came with me were treated. We (that is they) thought they were coming out here to help organize the new teams in their area. As it turns out, it appears (we don't know completely for sure yet) that their organizational structure was decided for them, without thier input, and without thier knowledge. My current supervisor has basically been stripped of all responsibility and give a throw away job. My direct counterpart has been relegated from running the entire infrastructure for our location, to managing a few servers with little importance to the organization.

They would never have known if they hadn't asked for a "current" org chart to get the names of personnel in the department. They were inadvertanty given "draft" org charts that supposedly are going through HR to finalize. In other words, they were going to get royally fucked and would have found out after the fact. They're going to talk to the CIO, but if this is how our "new, combined, ONE ORGANIZATION" is going to work, I don't want to play. I've got problems with it on so many levels that I don't want to go into all the detail.

As I said, I was really pissed. However, after dinner (and a glass of wine to go with it) we retired to the bar at the hotel, and I got me a nice glass of Amaretto di Sorrono on ice, and after that, my outlook REALLY REALLY mellowed. We got some heavenly cheesecake, and another glass of wine later, I'm not toasted or anything, but just very very relaxed. I called the Wife (almost drunk dialing) and chatted for a little bit. I miss her. I spoke to the boys earlier and they're treating Mom well. I was going to do some work tonight, but fuck it, I'm going to go catch up on everyone's blogs instead.


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