So much time, so little to say

I'm always amazed at how the Holy Spirit works through Faith on Fire. Last night, we played Christmas Carols (yes, the real deal) during the weekly Wednesday worship service at church. I spoke to our drummer before hand. I tried to find out where his frustrations with the group were coming from. Listening to him, I could completely relate. He's feeling many of the things I've been. How sometimes it feels more like work than fun. How sometimes the gigs feel more like obligations and infringement on our time than a ministry. Getting excited for a gig to have something go wrong.

I explained that these things are normal. I think he feels a little better, but he does need to work this out on his own. I came to that gig not wanting to do it at all. I had a long day. I wasn't looking forward to it in the first place and after work I just wanted to hang out at home and not go anywhere. I didn't play particularly inspired and it wasn't one of my best performances.

But when we were done, I was smiling, and I felt a whole lot better. Something about playing music with this group, even if I don't do it very well, lifts my spirits. All things considered, it can only be the Holy Spirit working through them. There's no other way to explain it. It's why I keep doing what I'm doing. Because I need to.

To totally switch gears, the most amusing google search to find my site is "great hurt over christian husband too friendly with a coworker". Not sure exactly what this person was looking for. But they were looking for a while. My site was DEEP in this search, like more than 12 pages in. I found a post from last year that had nothing to do with that, but may have mentioned coworker. One thing I did realize is that I don't rant as much as I used to. I'm not sure if I'm just getting boring, getting old, or just don't care. Either way, I sounded much more angry a year ago.

This weekend is going to be the marathon "get all the Christmas shopping DONE" weekend. Since it's the last real full weekend before the blessed holiday, I'm just going to make sure everything that needs doing (with the exception of wrapping) is done by the time I go to bed Sunday. Of course, there's karate, birthday parties, and Alive at Five this weekend, so my insanity will begin after work tomorrow. If my head doesn't explode, I'll give you an update on the success on Monday.

And finally, from an old Navy pal who now has a PhD and is now a college professor, the real reason you got the grades you did in college (assuming you went):


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