I made it out alive!

Well, to paraphrase our beloved Commander In Chief, Mission Accomplished! Yes, the Wife and I have completed everything we meant to get done this weekend. Last week the Wife emailed me with a little note with all the things we'd done that weekend. I shall use that technique now to describe our weekend. Please note I'm on call this weekend so I'm carrying a pager I have to respond to.

Friday: The "weekend" began after dinner. We stop at a couple of stores looked for a gift. No success. So we got to Target. Found a few items, but not many. We really needed toys for my nephews, but selection sucked. We did get a birthday gift for Maverick's new friend. He was invited to a birthday party in the middle of the week for Saturday. We decided to try Toys R Us since it was nearby. Managed to find all the other toys we needed. However, Grasshopper (and I) had a major meltdown. I had to take him out of the store crying and helling "why do you hate me?" We screamed at each other in the car. I stepped out and the Wife called on the cell phone, which is what I needed to calm down. Spent the next 10 minutes holding Grasshopper and calming him down. After putting the boys to bed, we stayed up until 11 pm doing Christmas cards. Crash and go to bed.

Saturday: Got woken up at 6:45 by pager to notify me the guard was in the building. Slept for 45 more minutes, got up to take the boys to karate by 9. During karate, I ran to the auto parts store to get wiper blades for the Wife. Drop all the Christmas cards in the mailbox. After karate, we get gas, stop at the liquor store to get wine. Stop at Tim Hortons for gift certificates. Get some cash from the ATM, get more Christmas cards since we were short, head home. Plan was to go grocery shopping before lunch. Finish up Christmas cards first. Go to the post office to drop off cards and mail out a gift. Stop at Panera Bread (new bread shop in town) and get free loaf of Asiago chees bread. Get a call from my cousin wanting to get together. He'd call me with a time a little later. We shift gears and go into cleaning mode. He calls back and says how about in an hour? AHHH! He shows up as I'm about to vacuum. Oh well. We have a nice visit. Take Maverick to birthday party and leave a little early to get some gift cards from local movie theatre. Drop off Maverick, stop at Tim Hortons for more gift certificates, mail a card I missed, get home. Finish cleaning, go grocery shopping and let the Wife pick up Maverick. Make dinner. I had planned to finish shopping after dinner, but the Wife is experiencing "female" symptoms and is too tired. Boys didn't feel like going out so we stay home instead and watch The Wild on Pay-per-View. Very funny movie.

Sunday: Get woken up at 6:30 by pager. Get up at 7:30 to get ready for Church. Go to 9:30 mass, come home to change, off to the mall to finish shopping. We get all the rest of our gifts purchased, home by 1 pm. Have lunch. Actually crash for a little bit. By 3 pm, I'm off to church again to play at the Alive at 5 mass. Set up, rehearse, play. After Mass, quickly move gear across the building to play at a youth Christmas party also in the church. Play for the kids for about a half hour. Get fed AWESOME turkey dinner with all the trimmings as part of the party. Sit with the teenagers in the band, discuss sex and answer questions on my marriage, including the 5 minute synopsis of our 20 plus year relationship. Get home and give Grasshopper shower, get kids in bed. Boot up laptop and write post.

Again, I managed all of this in a little over 48 hours, including a little time for sleep and watching football. I should be exhausted, but I'm not. The Wife is tired no matter what, as it's that time again. And other than the meltdown with Grasshopper, we didn't kill each other this weekend. But the shopping is DONE! Of course, now we have to wrap the presents and plan Christmas dinner. We're having the Wife's family over for dinner. Which should be nice. It's much less stress when we do things here. But at least all the things I have left to do, other than grocery shopping for Christmas dinner, can be done here at home.

So how was your weekend?


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