It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Two sure signs winter/Christmas is coming. Buying snow tires for your SUV and a Christmas tree.

That's right, the Wife bought new snow tires for her vehicle. Granted, she really needed them. Her tires were very fucked up. And LOUD. It sounded like those jacked up SUV's with oversized mud tires, and it's supposed to sound like a car. Traction would most likely have really sucked, had we had real winter weather. Of course, we're out some decent change for these things since she's got 18 inch tires and there's only like 5 kinds of tires that fit. But her safety is more important than money, and I don't have her insured for THAT much. I don't think I could even pay off the house. So I'll keep her around for a while.

Also, tonight we actually went out and bought our Christmas tree. The boys were very excited. We have it up and have the angel and lights on it. We'll begin decorating it over the next few days. I'll put up a picture for Jude when it's done. Now it's on to all the other Christmasy things we have to do. On the suggestion of one of my co-workers, the Wife and I are taking Monday off from work to go Christmas shopping. We'll take the boys out to breakfast before school (which I'm sure they'll love. Maverick LOOOOOVES breakfast), drop the boys off, and enjoy a day together with not crowded stores. If I'm REALLY lucky, the majority of the shopping will be done.

Lastly, a different co-worker burned me a copy of the DVD Classic Albums - A Night at the Opera. It's a VH1 special on the making of the album, track by track. I watched a little of it during lunch today (having a laptop with DVD rocks!) and it's very cool so far. Neat little Queen fact: to get the 20's, using a megaphone on vocal sound for Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon was done by singing into a microphone, going out of the mixing board to a set of headphones placed in front of a can, then putting another mike in front of the can. That mike was used for the final vocal track. Can't wait to watch the rest of it.

Anyway, I'm having trouble keeping up with your blogs. I usually read during lunch at work, but now I'm having to do more work at work, which sucks. So I'm trying to keep up as best I can. If it looks like I'm not coming round, that's probably why. But I will visit you all, I promise.


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