On a Mission from God

Tonight was band practice. It went as usual until the end. We tried to have a "serious" conversation about whether or not to play at a Wednesday worship service at church. That's when things go interesting.

If you were watching a reality TV show, you might think this was the part where the band falls apart. One of the singers appeared to be yelling at everyone (she was just being passionate), the drummer said he wasn't "feeling" it any longer as a member of the group, with no elaboration. Another singer tried to express her feelings and just burst out crying. Interesting way to end the evening.

All in all, it's probably not as dramatic as it appears. However, there's issues within the band that should be addressed. I think many people are feeling the strain of trying to fit things into their schedules and perhaps too many demands being made on them. I need to contact one of the other leaders to try and get a feel for what's going on.

For myself, there are times I'm not feeling it either. I always enjoy playing music with this group. But there can be a frustration about the whole thing at times. Some of it is just part of being in a band. I don't know about the rest. It's something I'll have to pray about.


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