New Linky Love

For those who don't read this blog already, I wanted to point out a new blog on my blogroll, Deni Bonet, aka The Last Girl on Earth. She's a classically trained violinist that is forging her own muscial path. She's played with everyone that is anyone AND has put out her own CDs. If only I were as successful a musician. She found me through Se7en. I was acutally kind of excited that she'd found me as I've lurked on her blog on occasion, having found her through other mutual blog friends. Anyway, she's totally cool AND her blog features Deni clinging to the Empire State Building, which Grasshopper thought was the coolest thing EVER! So go check her out.

And while you're at it, go visit Momcani. She's having a bit of a costume crisis for Halloween and needs your guys advice. And while you're at it, stop a while and check out her blog. I think she's cool, therefore she must be worth you reading and giving her some love. She's got 4 kids for God's sake! If anything she needs you guy's support to keep from going insane!

One quick amusing quote from band practice last night. The practice quickly degenerated into all kinds of sexual talk and innuendo. We were rehearsing diction on one of the songs and our pianist says "When you get to comes, make sure you spit it out." We totally busted up and that pretty much ended the practice.

My phone is ringing off the hook so I better get back to work. Have a good hump day, or at least a good hump if you can!


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