Back to normal?

I'm not sure what normal is around here, but next week should be as close to normal as possible. Only the usual thing going on. I'm looking forward to Halloween. Grasshopper is really excited for his birthday. Plus the trick or treating. We totally cleared any events for Tuesday to make sure we could enjoy the day with him.

Today was his family birthday party. It actually went pretty well. We got most of the preparation complete Friday and yesterday. The Wife went insane and got into her Pre-Party-Going-Out-of-Her-Mind insanity mode for only about an hour. We had everthing pretty much ready to go by the time the first guest arrived. My sister amazingly got here first and sent one of the kids to the door to make sure she had the right date of the party. She's NEVER first. It was too funny.

Being that a bunch of Italians were in the house, there was far more food than needed. My mom was instructed in what to bring, and of course she brought more stuff. I asked for 2 stuffed breads, I got 4. She said she'd bring a few other small dishes, and of course, she made WAY more than necessary. But, no one went hungry.

The boys get their cake of request at thier birthday parties, so Grasshopper asked for a filled cake. We have that Betty Crocker set where you make a cake that you can fill, so he asked for chocolate cake filled with vanilla ice cream decorated as a pumpkin. My mom managed to find orange frosting last minute yesterday so we were in business. It came our quite good, and the Wife did an awesome job decorating it.

The house was as loud as you'd expect with 12 Italians and 5 boys running around. Later on, Grasshopper's best pal showed up for cake and there were now 6 boys running around. It took about 5 minutes before I kicked them out, I mean suggested they play outside. While it was nice having everyone here, I must say I very much enjoyed the quiet in the house after everyone left.

Grasshopper got some of the toys he asked for and he got some nice clothes as well. He was most happy with all of his gifts. He's dying to put together the big Bionicle set he recieved, but I told him it might be a day or two before there's a good time for hit to start on it. He was good with that, for now.

Next weekend should be interesting. The boys and I will be doing a cub scout sleepover at the Buffalo Navy Yard. The boys can see how Dad lived on a ship back in the day. I'll be sure to get you guys some pictures and compare what they tell the boys to what it's really like. They say that the ghost of one of the Sullivan boys haunts the ship the USS Sullivans where we'll be sleeping. If I run into him, I'll let you guys know.


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