Where have all the bloggers gone?

Before I begin, I would like to update everyone on the Wife. First of all, she's fine. The problem she was having was more of an annoyance than anything else. Again, I don't want to give too much detail as it might embarass the Wife and is probably TMI anyway. Her GYN has put her on a different prescription and hopefully that will do the trick. If she's still having a problem in 3 months, they'll discuss other options. So we're in wait and see mode.

On to the post. I've noticed lately that many of the blogs I normally read seem to be sparse lately. Posting isn't as frequent as it used to be. Some bloggers seem to be MIA. I know one blogger that moved on me and I didn't find out until just today where they went. People are moving to new locations, going on vacation (without me, no less), and all kinds of stuff. People don't comment as much as they used to or don't comment at all any more. So I've been wondering WTF's up in Blogland?

Now, I'm sure everyone's as busy as I am. I just finished chatting with Lois, and she's busier than shit. I felt a little bad giving her a hard time, cause she's been stopping by but hasn't had time to say hello. I, for my part, did not read her last post and feel terrible about that, so I plan on reading it carefully right when I'm done here. She asked for some prayers, which I'm more that happy to give for her, but I somehow missed that part and I should have caught it. But we had a very nice (and very long) conversation about nothing and everything all at once. She totally rules.

I must admit, that I too have probably not been as diligent as I used to in reading blogs and commenting. There are days I'll look at a blog and see a long post and think "Damn I don't feel like reading anything that big right now". Or I might be hurt that someone who's blog I read and comment on regularly doesn't at least say hi so I might skip by them.

So what's up with us lately? What I like about the blog community is that it's like a circle of friends. You strike up conversations, check up on how each other are doing, joke around and poke at each other. That was part of the appeal. I know that sometimes friends grow apart, or you get new friends and the old ones sort of drift off. But that's kind of sad. I think that's what it feels like right now with some of the blogs I read. Like old friends starting to drift apart. And I truthfully don't feel like going out to look for new friends. I like the friends I got.

So, I guess if you still are reading, say hello once in a while. Even if it's to say how much you hate my pink guitar, or tell me what an ass I'm being, that's cool. (Except for Lois. I know what's up with you girl. Call me from time to time. Chatting's a hoot.) A little drive by does a body good.

For those of you that comment regularly, thanks for hanging with me. I probably don't post as much as I used to cause I'm crazy busy (or tired) too, but the fact that you guys do stop by keeps me coming back.

On a final note, I think I'm going to start posting some stories from high school. A comment I left on another blog made me think of stories from those days that I thought would be fun to share. And maybe some sea stories too.


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