The annual party

Since we've moved to our new place, we've had an annual Labor Day get-together with our high school pals at our place. This year was no exception. Despite the dreary weather and some light rain in the morning, it was quite fun.

Only half the "gang" made it this year, but we still had a nice time. One of my oldest high school pals, R, has girls the same age as Maverick and Grasshopper. Her older girl was born 3 weeks before Maverick and her younger girl 10 days before Grasshopper. We told her we'd kill her if she got pregnant again, since so far it's always resulted in the Wife getting pregnant.

The boys and girls hit it off FAMOUSLY! I think both liked having someone their age to play with. The four of them spent the entire time running around and being busy doing something. And they all played together very well. One of the funniest moments was when Grasshopper was telling his counterpart, "I'm not artistic, I'm AUTISTIC. But I'm artistic, too." He was killing us.

R's husband is putting together family stories and brought along some pictures. One of them was one of the first time's in high school I spent with R, a group of us in the back of her dad's pickup as part of our school's annual paper drive. We'd collect newspaper to sell to the recycling companies to raise money. It was October of freshman year. One of the other pictures was the entire gang, including all those we've lost touch with over the years, at our pal P's parent's house the summer of 1987. It was right around the time everyone started getting married. We were all pretty young. As the gang I ran with in high school happened to be all girls, I was the only guy in the picture. Talk about being Da Man!

P and her husband were there with their 3 kids, two boys and a girl. The oldes wanted to see all parts of the house, including our laundry room. He was very interested in our washer and dryer and where all the doors led. He also wanted to see our furnace, which we didn't since the basement is too cluttered. He was a riot! Their littlest (a girl) is going to give them so much trouble! She had the most devilish little look when she was about to get into trouble.

The only disappointment was that R's girls wanted to play on the dirt pile next to our house. They were really looking forward to it. But with all the rain, it's a big mud pile, so we didn't let them go over there. We finished off the night by going to see fireworks by our old town hall. Every year we have a big Chil-E Fest (for our town of Chili {that's Cheye-leye}) in July and they have fireworks then, but this year it was rained out. The fireworks were rescheduled for today. The boys really had a blast.

Overall it was a very fine day, despite the weather. Good friends and good food make for a most excellent get-together. I think the boys especially enjoyed hanging out with R's daughters. They are so alike, it's scary. God forbid our boys marry their girls.


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