The last few nights I've been really motivated to play the guitar. Part of it was that Faith on Fire practiced last night. It was a good practice session, and I still had the itch to have a guitar in my hands. Part of it has been that I've needed to work on some of my chops. I get rusty after a while and need to get back up to speed.

And I really hate to say what another part has been. Cause I know how many of you will react. Another reason I've been motivated to play is.......

Phil Collen

I caught the Def Lep performance from the VH1 Honors again last night. The only reason I watched was to see Brian May during 20th Century Boy. But I caught them doing Rock It, which I hadn't seen before. Watching Phil Collen and Viv Campbell trade guitar solos made me want to pick up my guitar and just wail. Which I had to do before going to bed. At 11:15 pm. And wail I did. My chops are getting quite fast again and it's totally cool.

As a matter of fact, I've been practicing on my Yamaha (I've been using the pink Ibanez the last few days) and I can play better and faster on it. One of the zillion reasons I love playing that guitar. Which, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pick up again.

One parting thought for my rabid Def Lep fan readers. A direct quote from Viv Campbell himself: "Def Lep isn't a metal band. Metal fans would consider it poof rock." So there you go. Poof rock.

Now my baby is calling me.


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