Damn I'm tired

I had a couple cool things I wanted to post and now I can't remember any of them. My brain is going to mush. We have a new product rolling out at work Monday and I'm getting crushed with meetings. The majority of my brain power is being utilized trying to get my hands around this thing so there's little room for anything else.

The Autism Walk is Saturday. I haven't updated updated the web site but we've crushed our goal. Thanks to everyone that donated. You've all been very generous. I'll try and get some pictures.

The band has a good gig Tuesday playing at a Hands of Christ ceremony at the cathedral with the bishop presiding. However, I'm having trouble getting motivated for it. It may be that everything is getting so busy lately that I just want to be left alone. Especially if it cuts into my weekend time. I'm starting to jealously guard it. We'll have to rehearse Sunday most likely and I thought I had the day free. (sigh) I guess that's the price of having a "mission from God".

Grasshopper earned his green belt Tuesday. He's quite pleased with himself (as he should be). can't believe it's been about a year since he started. However, this means he's in the advanced class, which meets at a different time than the beginner class, which Maverick is still in. So, of course, I'll be spending more time at the dojo now. (double sigh). The things we do to make our kids ninja warriors.

Finally, stay tuned for some changes around here. I'm working with Se7ven to give me a fresh, jiggy new look. Don't know what the result will be, but it will rock (of course).


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