It begins again...

The first day of school that is. The boys went back to school today. Can you hear the massive crowd cheering and the angels singing in the background? Yes, it is a joyous day. At least, it will be joyous until school activities begin again. But we have about a week's respite, so the Wife and I will enjoy it until then.

Maverick began 5th grade and Grasshopper 3rd grade. One more year of elementary school for Maverick then he begins Middle School. Yikes! Time flies fast. Both boys really like their teachers. Grasshopper has the same 3rd grade teacher Maverick had and she's a member of our church, so we like her a lot. Maverick's teacher is also wonderful. A little on the silly side, just like him. She just got married a few weeks ago and kept referring to herself by her maiden name. Maverick thought that was hysterical.

In other news, yesterday I had my first official, honest to goodness golf lesson. I figured it's time to learn the game mainly so Maverick can have a golf partner, but also for political reasons at work. Much as I hate to play political games, playing golf with the CIO and the CFO does have it's advantages. I'm playing in my first ever golf tournament in two weeks so we'll see how I do. The golf pro was impressed on how quickly I picked up the fundamentals of hitting the ball, so I think I'll do ok. And while I never saw the point of the game previously, I might be hooked now. Dammit but once you start hitting that stupid little ball it's hard to stop. Just one more good drive, then I'm done. Yeah, right. (sigh). That's all I need, another distraction.

The Wife is having her first Longaberger party next Monday to kick off her new side career. I've been shamelessly and mercilously plugging it to anyone that will listen to drum up business for her. She seems to really be into this, so I'm behind her 1000%. I have a few passions that drive me. She deserves her own. I've told her not to worry about me and the boys, we can work around her schedule if she needs to do parties. I've had many nights of leaving the kids with her while I go play music, so I owe her quite a few nights before we're even. Rock on Wife!

Finally, I'll leave you with my favorite picture from the first day of school this morning. It's already my wallpaper on my work laptop. SD cards are a wonderful thing. Get ready for the "Awwws" and the "how cutes!".

And for good measure, from the company picnic at Seabreeze Amusement Park a few weeks ago:


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