Celebrate Natasha (then a rant)

In case anyone noticed, Tuesday (tomorrow) is 6/6/06, or obviously, the Day of the Devil, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So hopefully everyone is celebrating in the most benignly evil way they can (hey, as a Christian, I couldn't really request you worship the Dark Lord, right?). Anyway, if you want you can get a T-Shirt from Hell, Mich. stating you've been to Hell on 6/6/06 for the low, low price of $6.66, of course.

In other news, Maverick is back in the saddle. He had his first baseball was today and he appears over his fear of the ball. He had a hit that drove in a run, scored a run, and struck out swinging in 3 at bats. Not bad And he never backed out of the box. Grasshopper is doing fairly well with soccer, but he spent a lot of time today spectating instead of participating. It's ok, though, he had fun and I'm working on him.

Now the real point of this post: How Congress is Wasting Our Tax Dollars by Wasting Their Time.

What, pray tell are they wasting their time on? Instead of dealing with serious issues like the war in Iraq, immigration reform, or universal health care? No, they spent today and probably tomorrow taking about A CONSTITIONAL AMMENDMENT TO BAN GAY MARRIAGE!

And are they talking about it because its a "serious" debate. Nope. They're talking about it because it's an election year. They all know it will never pass. But our illustrious Republican leaders and President need some sort of issue they can go back to their conservative "value voters" base and say they did something. "Look everyone, forget about how all your kids are dying in Iraq and the whole country is a mess, be tried to keep fags from getting married!"

The sad thing is that I bet voters will fall for it. Cause nothing says Commie Pinko Fag like a Democrat that is willing to uphold the rights of citizens to enjoy the LEGAL freedoms (and burdens) of marriage. I think you all know where I stand on this subject. It is not the role of the government to legislate morality. There's no way they ever can. So let's just stay out of it. Even the most liberal politician out there is not saying that every religious institution must recognize gay marriages, just THE LAW. Which is supposed to be independent of religion, is it not?

It just pisses me off so much that we're spending so much political energy on something so stupid and irrelevant to the lives of most Americans. Because, let's face it, if Adam and Steve, or Edie and Eve get married, why should I care? How is it going to affect my life, my faith, or the way I raise my boys? Other than I might (gasp!) have to teach them tolerence for others values! Oh the horror of it!

BTW, a prize of unspeakable value (that is, it's value is so low we shall not speak of it) to anyone that can tell me the reference I stole the title of this post from. Good luck!

Also BTW BTW, stupid blogger crashed when I tried to post this. Luckily I managed to copy it to my clipboard before trying to publish (habit now). Stupid blogger!


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