Got to rant

OK, I just need to rant for a few minutes and scream at something, even if it's through my fingers to the screen. What is the deal with adults acting like children? I've got two people I have to deal with that are fighting with each other. Without naming names or anything, we're all volunteers. We make decisions at a meeting but then some things get changed on the fly afterwards. Person 1 is now accusing person 2 of going behind the groups back and going to people individually when Person 2 does not like the decision of the group. Both work hard and are trying to get the work done but now all of a sudden it's some sort of power struggle. I've spoken to one but not the other. Truthfully, I'm tired of it. I've got enough to do and worry about to have to deal with this. I only took the position I did so the organization wouldn't fold. Laudable in itself but probably not the right reason. I didn't really want to do it. As time goes on, I hate the job more and more. Luckily I'm giving it up at the end of the year to start the music group at church but it can't happen soon enough. I don't see the big deal with most of the issues they're arguing about. I'm stressing about it and it shouldn't be this big of a hassle. Anyway, that's about all I'll say about it for now. Tonight should be interesting. We have one of our monthly meetings. I've decided Person 2 is right about something and will make a last minute change to the agenda. Now I have to smooth it with Person 1. What a pain in the ass.


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