Being called

I wanted to post this yesterday, but got busy during lunch. My wife and I had a minor row (not even that really, just a discusion where she was obviously disappointed in me). She was disappointed that I immediately jumped on taking the job to create a new music group at church. She wanted to talk about it first and look at what other commitments would be impacted. She realizes it probably wouldn't have made a difference but wanted the opportunity anyway. My bad for not doing so. However, I am completely willing to drop all activities not related directly to her and the kids to do this.

The reason is quite simple. I'm convinced I'm called to do this. I know this because of the way it all happened. I've mentioned before my decision to give my music over to the Lord. This means playing at church and recently giving up on creating a CD with my band and concentrating on Christian music. Then this comes up. Now yesterday I'm looking at the daily readings and it is from Luke. The story about the man that goes off to receive a kingship and gives money to his servants. Two make more money but one sits on it and squanders the opportunity. I've always beleived that my talent comes from the Lord and I need to give back with it. Then I check out one of the other blogs I tend to reveiw. It mentions the exact same passage. Coincidence? I think not. Yesterday the Lord was reminding me that He wants me to use my music and talent to reach out. I don't know what the result is but it's something I need to do. I did mention this to the little lady. Not sure she beleives me but I think she understands. She has been very supportive, for which I am grateful. She's not into this style of music for church as much as me but that's ok. I still want to go to Mass as a family. We'll all go to the Mass we currently attend and I can do the 6 pm Mass on my own. In a way, it would be nice to sit in the pews for a Mass. I can concentrate on the Mass itself and the message instead of focusing on getting the music thing right. I do get more out of Mass sitting in the crowd instead of being "on stage" so to speak.

Anyway, as a totally shameless plug that probably won't result in brownie points but deserves to be done anyway:

Hey lady, have I told you lately how crazy I am about you? I love you more that I can express and am lucky we're together. I know I make you crazy sometimes but you put with me anyway. Thanks for being such a good wife and mom and for all the things you do. Don't feel guilty if you don't get it all done. Life's too short to stress over laundry and housework. Let's concentrate on the important things instead. Love you lots.


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