Here's my first attempt at a blog. I intend to just write about whatever I feel like, though I think the main topics will be music, religion, family, and politics. I usually have time for 3 of the four (always religion and family, usually music, sometimes politics). To give a little background, I'm a married catholic with 2 boys. I've been playing guitar for 20 years and it is one of my few passions in life. I currently work in the IT field. I've been a nuclear power officer and a chemist prior to my current reincarnation as a computer geek. Any, hopefully I'll have some interesting things to say that someone might like to read. Wish me luck.


Paddrino said…
Luck! From a random blogger reader! :)
You need to keep adding more content but, Nice Blog LOL :-) http://alifeinturkey.blogspot.com

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